“The Paper Magician” and “The Glass Magician” by Charlie N. Holmberg


The former is the first book in this addictive series chronicling the lives of Ceony, the magicians apprentice and her tutor Mg.Thane (short for ‘Magician’). I know comparisons can sometimes be unflattering as every author wants to feel as though they are innovative, however it would be foolhardy NOT to make the comparison to Harry Potter, despite the fact that the main protagonist is female and a lot older that Harry. In short, this felt like I was being dragged against my will into the world of magic over inanimate everyday objects, totally engrossed and thirsty for more action! Can you tell that I loved these books?

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to read ‘The Paper Magician‘ for free via netgalley.com. This is the first book of the series in which you are introduced to Ceony and the world of magic that she inhabits. You meet Smelters, Folders and Excisioners, each with the power over a specific raw material or element and the ability to manipulate this in the course of magic. Unusually she is assigned a male tutor for her apprenticeship and she enthusiastically learns about the art of folding; a command which she initially underestimates and appears unenthused by until she discovers how useful and versatile paper is when she is forced to fight for her life against past nemesis. Obligatory magical duels, suspense, chases and bad ‘guys’ are all crucial ingredients that made this thoroughly enjoyable. Being set in historic London gave these stories a gritty familiar charm that is loved by Londoners and visitors alike and at times you are irritated by the stubborn, polite, Darcy-esque Englishness of Magician Emery Thane. None of these character traits took away from the enjoyment of the story though.

I enjoyed this so much that I borrowed the second installation ‘The Glass Magician’ using my Amazon Prime benefits! I couldn’t get enough and the second book didn’t disappoint. Ceony makes progress in her apprenticeship and discovers that she is more skilled than she could imagine when evil lurks around the corner. The second book was so much darker and grittier than the first which made it all the more enjoyable. A clever loveable protagonist, a quirky eccentric tutor and many more ‘Marmite’ characters and pleasant surprises you will love to hate…

Definitely a must read for teens and upwards I would say though I felt that it read pretty well for adults as well if you are a fan of supernatural type books.

Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think? Who was your favourite character? Leave me a comment and let’s get discussions going!



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