My Relationship with Tea: The beginning

I’m a lover of tea. I believe that after a stressful day, nothing is more intrinsically relaxing that a piping hot cup of tea. I had a blog about tea and hot beverages which was an absolute pleasure of mine. My favourite tea has been Lady Grey for a long time but after being introduced to Redbush tea by Mma Ramotswe of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (One of many series by the amazing Alexander McCall Smith), that is also a favourite. I love talking and writing about tea and hope that you can indulge me in this feckless passion dear reader. I have quite a stock building up and would love to share the joys and bitter notes of my tea journey with you if I may. Tea varieties, news, accessories and paraphernalia, books and trivia shall convert even the most tea shy amongst you.

Tea related rambling coming to this blog soon!

What is your favourite type of tea?



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