Unhinged melodrama

Cue the Violins

So I might be a little late to the party but in the soundtrack of my life so far, the following pieces from Muse perfectly sum things up and bring me out in fits of melodramatic tears when I relate them to incidents and moments in my life.

That said, I’m biased. I love Muse.

There would also be ‘Knights of Cydonia’ to accompany my frustrating commutes to and from work in London. I imagine myself to be walking in slow motion, hair flowing behind me as I defeat the hostile crowds of travellers.


I can’t.

I think there is a song for every moment in life. Every smile, heartbreak, success or failure. Loss, friendship, family, love, hate, peace, war. It’s endless.

The running theme in any song that describes my life would be dramatic crescendos, instrumentals, violins, orchestral classic pieces.

Mediocrity has no place here…



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