Sunday Wanderlust: Switzerland

I’ve decided that instead of moaning about returning to work on Monday, that I would use Sunday blogs to talk about a place I would like to visit or one that I would like to revisit.

Lakeside in Zug

Lakeside in Zug

 I love Switzerland.

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit for the first time in 2011. With my job as a nomad tax auditor, I was sent to Biel/Bienne in the canton or Berne some hours from Geneva, the multilingual city (German, French, Italian) was absolutely stunning and diverse. Our hotel was situated about a five minute walk from the lake which as well as being peaceful and picture perfect, featured some of the earliest forms of street art I had photographed on my travels ( I’m obsessed with photographing graffiti), friendly lake fauna and local residents.

Next I was fortunate to visit and work in Lausanne in the canton of Vaud. This predominantly French speaking part of Switzerland possessed the same type of charm as Biel but more…well French. I frequented a bar called Bleu Lezard ( for the live music but I understand that it is a very popular eaterie. Friendly local vibe and great music! The Ouchy waterfront was constantly busy with a life size chess board, local youngsters hanging out and tourists taking photographs.

I also visited Geneva and Zurich ( The Christmas market at the Hauptbanhof was amazing! ) but was taken aback by the beauty of Zug and its lake culture. The town was so clean and the air ridiculously fresh.  Breathing the fresh air and photographing the snow-capped mountains are experiences that I can’t forget in a hurry. Even the ducks were friendly!

There’s something so wholesome, clean and homely about Switzerland. It’s so hard to post about an entire country but of what I have seen, I love it and would love to visit again soon!

In which direction is your wanderlust pulling you this year?


Lakeside in Zug, Switzerland

Lakeside in Zug, Switzerland


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