I’m an 80s girl..

Growing up in a house with two older brothers in the 80s, naturally as a baby sister, you inherit the old consoles as your brothers move on to the latest gadget upgrade.

My first console was a NES and my favourite game was Super Mario Bros 3.

 Super Mario Bros 3



What’s not to love about this game? I have played previous Mario games but with the added benefit of being able to fly in this version as well as the improved graphics, this was the cause of many late nights playing in the dark, trying to avoid being told off for playing when I should be sleeping. The new suits: frog, raccoon, statue thingy all add the the awesomeness of the thing.

Forget the fact that you are a miniature Italian plumber and you’ll love this. If you haven’t heard of this cult classic, where have you been hiding for the past 29 or so years??

I love games but this one never ceases to please me!



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