‘Sweet as Cane, Salty as Tears’ by Ken Wheaton

I recently finished reading yet another galley via http://www.netgalley.com and wanted to share my thoughts on yet another pleasurable read. Perhaps I have great taste in galleys or perhaps I am a generous reviewer.

P’raps not…

I haven’t been reading galleys with the intention of reviewing them but when I read something that I feel touches a nerve, I’d like to see if it has the same impact on others.

The story follows the mishaps and successes of Katie-Lee and her double-barrelled Cajun family when a bereavement forces her to face her past demons and the reality that time moves on but some things never change.

Katie-Lee is 50, single and hopelessly awkward and the book opens with K-L engaging in a classic case of ‘putting her foot in her mouth’ when she takes a joke with her work colleagues, about her family too far, accidentally copying one of her many sisters into an email chain.

A sudden freak accident involving a large zoo animal changed everyone’s view of what is really important, exploring themes of death, forgiveness, family and grief. One of my favourite juxtapositions was the injection of humour in the story at a highly emotional moment,

“The dog barks, then runs up to the casket and starts sniffing at the open end . I cover my mouth, unsure if it’ll be a laugh or a scream that comes out, convinced Karen-Anne’s not going to even make it to her grave before she starts spinning. A dog! A Tooth Fairy-murdering dog. “O. M. G.” Catherine says. “Son of a bitch,” says her grandmother, before turning to the younger kids sitting behind us. “Yall stop laughing. It’s not funny.” Try convincing a bunch of bored-out-of-their-head kids that a dog tearing ass inside a funeral home isn’t funny. For them, this is the height of hilarity. A troop of farting clowns would pale in comparison.”

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this despite the fact that I often got confused by the similar sounding character names. I loved the humour and situational comedy and would recommend to a friend looking for a fun read. I only realised that the author was male after I had finished reading so a very believable, neurotic but totally loveable character left a sizeable impression on me.

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