Stephen King’s mind…

f3cc211bf15a8de17a1e5abf0ad7b31cBear and I enjoy T.V. programming we can get lost an involved in. The sort that makes us shout at the screen and each other in bemusement, shock, awe and sometimes incredulity. The latest addiction?

Under the Dome

I don’t usually like serialisations of books because I often feel that they aren’t quite being portrayed on screen in the way in which they were imagined whilst reading. After the season finale of Under the Dome, we naturally engaged in a conversation about Stephen King. His fantastic mind.

Stephen King is one of few authors whose books unsettle me, chill me to the bone and make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The first one I have ever read, ‘The Shining’, ensured that I wouldn’t sleep soundly for a week, not through shock factor, gruesome description or supernatural occurrence but through vivid, gradual building of a feeling of dread. Of suspense, with not very much activity but with a dreary and eerie setting.

If you haven’t read under the Dome, have you seen the television series about a mysterious invisible dome which suddenly appears over the small town of Chester’s Mill? Nothing can get into or out of the dome and unexplained phenomena are common. As the food supplies begin to dwindle and tensions run high between the townsfolk, how will they ever escape alive? King’s endless attention to detail is comparable to the ever descriptive, literary diarrhoea that is Tolkein ( Maps?? Really Tolkien??) Engrossing and indulgent.

You can discover more about literary giant at the link below:

What is your favourite Stephen King film or book?

~ Boop


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