Motivation Monday: Fitness and Happiness

At the start of a new week, apprehension as to the type of week I was going to have had set in early.

215 unread emails??

I nervously began working through the numerous emails sent with disregard to the Out of Office notifier and whereabouts email I had sent earlier in the week, letting everyone know that I would be away from the office.

By lunchtime, I was overwhelmed. Complaints as to my incompetence at completing tasks on time emerged. Urgent requests. Being pulled in several directions. Enough!

During my lunch, I decided to escape into a few chapters of the latest egalley I am reviewing (review to follow in a separate post) as well as to watch a few of CloudyApples’ vlogs. She’s a Canadian lifestyle blogger. Really straight to the point, sensible logic. Great to listen to. I felt more relaxed by the end of my lunch break.


By 4pm I was totally anxious again.

I dragged myself to the gym and some good old-fashioned cardio and weights brought those endorphins rushing about.

Now as I start winding down for the night, I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

How was your Monday?

Find out how to keep Monday blues at bay. Check out this Forbes article:



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