Ode to my Crock Pot…

A new addition to my kitchen,

Unassuming, sauce reducing,

 delectable concoctions,

Slow to simmer,

encapsulating tender flesh, Juices within

your shiny silver core,

rich and full bodied.

I love my slow cooker! It was gifted to us by Bear’s parents and has since taken pride of place in our small kitchen. Yesterday, Bear made slow- cooked chilli, cooking on a high heat for 5 hours. The minced beef was browned beforehand and then added with the prepared vegetables, beans and seasonings, including bay leaves, stock cubes and chipotle powder from a spice stall at Grand Central Terminal last November. We prepared plain boiled white rice to accompany the chilli and I can honestly say that this trumps any other stovetop chili that I have ever prepared. Do you enjoy slow cooking? Have you ever tried it? What are your favourite recipes? ~ Boop


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