Julien Blanc : Should the controversial PUA be banned from entering the UK?

Frankly, his name was virtually unknown to me until two days ago but one whose notoriety is growing by the second in the UK.

Julien is a self-proclaimed PUA or pick up artist who modelled his  misogynistic theories on those of Neil Strauss’ popular dating advice book, The Game. Incomparable to Strauss, Blanc seems intent in parading his disgusting views in the name of advice to men who are gullible enough to pay high sums of money to listen to them. His methods involve intimidation, coercion and other vile physical acts to essentially sleep with numerous women.

He was recently prevented from appearing in Australia where he was due to deliver seminars on his techniques for picking up and bedding women when the Immigration Minister revoked his visa on the grounds that he should not be allowed access to the country to promote his ridiculous, extreme views.

Now there is an online petition urging the Home Office to prevent him from entering the country as his UK tour is due to start in February 2015. Why is there so much uproar you might ask? Here are some of the techniques which this man preaches :

One source says,


1. Yelling ‘Pikachu!’ and placing their heads on his crotch

‘At least in Tokyo, if you’re a white male, you can do what you want,’ Blanc says, in a seminar recorded on video. 

‘I’m just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls heads, just like, “head, on d***”, “head, on d***”, yelling “Pikachu!” with a Pikachu shirt.’

2. ‘Deadly’ jokes

A blog post on Blanc’s ‘Real Social Dynamics Nation’ website appears to suggest using cruel jokes as a way of picking up women. 

The post is titled ‘”My Girlfriend Passed Away” – The Twisted Humor That Inevitably Knifes Through To Her Panties

Explanatory YouTube videos placed in the article have been taken down. 

A Tinder exchange also published on Blanc’s website shows a person, who is chatting up a woman on the dating app, suggesting that the person’s father had died.

‘I just buried my father today.. Who would lie about something like that,’ the person writes. 

3. The ‘choke opener’

Blanc is pictured choking women and hushing them in multiple Instagram posts. In one caption, written on October 10, he dubs this his ‘choke opener’, a means of starting a seductive conversation with women. 

4. Use ‘pull talk’ 

In a video on the RSD Nation website, Blanc encourages his fans to use ‘pull talk’ – or, ‘spewing bulls***’ – while physically leading women to the ‘sex location’.

‘Your words? Spewing bulls***,’ he explains. ‘(They are) wizard stories, pull talk!’

‘It’s very light hearted, it’s very fun, it’s kind of like: “Oh yeah so when this, oh yeah and what about this.

 ‘Just any f***ing thing you want to say and again, your actions are making it happen. ‘

‘Your actions are taking the responsibility off of her, they’re leading, it’s not permission seeking, and that is how you move closer to the sex location’.

5. ‘Deconstruct her self-esteem’ 

Another blog post provides tips about how to ‘manipulate’ a woman’s self esteem.

‘Click on this video right now that (sic) reveals how to deconstruct any girl’s self-esteem,’ the post says. But the clip has since been removed from YouTube. 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2823786/Sleazy-dating-coach-seminars-encourage-men-hands-woman-s-neck-construct-self-esteem-event-shut-protesters.html#ixzz3J8oKxjQc

Personally I don’t know whether this a satire or whether he is genuine in his logic. However, all the publicity which his proposed ‘banning’ is attracting is potentially also generating him more followers and income. Nonetheless, is this enough to ban him from the country? Should be be allowed the right to ‘free speech’?

I think free speech is a very important right as it encourages diversity of thought and expression although I think that if the subject matter is inciting hatred, disrespectful towards certain factions of society or immoral that this should be curbed. However, this defeats the whole purpose of the right, so where should the line be drawn?

On the other hand, I would avoid banning him, lest it add to his so-called “sex appeal” as appearing dangerous to these women and let him express himself to a disinterested population. The silent treatment might dampen his fire and make him skulk back to his cave, deprived of attention.

What do you think? I would ignore him and urge the press to follow suit.


4 thoughts on “Julien Blanc : Should the controversial PUA be banned from entering the UK?

  1. More than anything, it seems like these are his efforts to gain notoriety through controversial behavior. Look at the rapper Eminem for as an example: he has gained fame and fortune from using lyrics that ignite passionate negative feelings in others. This has worked very well for him, and it sounds like Blanc is trying something similar.

    The best option would be to ignore the idiot, whether his ‘work’ is satire or not. I wouldn’t give the idiot a second thought, but unfortunately, there are so many out there who will.

    Great blog post!

  2. Thanks for your comment! I agree, though Eminem has a talent and I take his lyrics with a pinch of salt as a lot of them are clearly satirical, especially when watching his music videos. This man is to be ignored!

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