Merging with the man-cave: 10 things to love (and hate) about cohabiting

Last year I made the difficult decision along with my man-bear to move in together. After numerous heated discussions about where we should set up our love nest, we finally took the plunge and settled on a lovely flat with a great view over our area of London. If you are thinking of cohabiting however, there are several horrors and blessings to consider. These are my pros and cons:

CON : Socks

One man, two feet. 573 socks. 10 matching pairs. Numerous stragglers. The sock invasion is so bad that I once opened my handbag at work and found a singleย dirtyย sock staring me back in the face, taunting me.

PRO: Cuddles

You come in from a long, hard day’s work and there is a friendly face waiting to greet you with a steaming cup of tea and a cuddle. Ahh.

CON: Football

Nuff said, constant sport streaming means he hogs the television and you can’t watch endless reruns of the Kardashians whilst simultaneously stuffing your face full of chocolate ice cream.

PRO: Companionship

It’s a lovely thing be able to share your home with the person you choose to spend your life with.

CON: Sleep

No longer is it possible to starfish across your lovely large bed with your man / lady/ mineral occupying the other half. You may have to deal with the occasional night of drunken snoring and heavy breathing.

PRO: Finances

You are in a better position to save and build on a savings pot as both of your finances are combined. Cost of living is less than if you lived alone. In most cases anyway.

CON: Grooming

Your beauty regime is no longer a mystery to him. Lip fuzz removal and furry legs for winter are no longer a viable grooming option. His whisker shavings will be all over your sink and fancy Lush soap.

PRO: Pest Control and DIY

He can deal with any infestation and ย bulb change with ease. (Yeah right)

Two from the horses mouth: “man-bear”

CON: Her flatulence

Surprising her emissions pack a shocking punch when you least expect.

PRO: Waking up next to her…

…dribble, eye crust and bandanna and still feeling the luckiest man in the world!


All in all, most of the above should be taken with a pinch of salt. Once you get used to each other’s habits and respect each other’s space, it is so easy (bar the occasional squabbles which you can later find ways to make it up to each other after).

What are your cohabiting pros and cons?


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