‘Pudge’ and other terms of endearment…

I love blogging. Even though I have not been doing it as much as I would have liked lately, reading through some of my old blogs has made me extremely happy and motivated to blog a lot more.

My first blog http://www.curiousblackcat.blogspot.com was all about my fears and woes on the path to becoming a qualified lawyer;a path I am still trying to get back onto. Since then my ambitions and goals have been somewhat diverted but still inherent in me. I felt like I outgrew my student blog so started another.

http://www.dite-kako.blogspot.com was my tea blog which I was very proud to have started and I still have a fond love of teas and all sorts of hot drinks and anything associated with this. My proudest moment was having a teas company in Colorado send me a box of teas to try and to sample on my blog which was heavenly and felt like such an achievement as I was doing something I was genuinely passionate about. Life then changed for me and I decided to create a new blog to reflect these changes.

http://www.just-in-case-trouble.blogspot.com is my travel blog and graffiti journal and is still active and a place I will still access and share my new travel experiences with the world.

I had no experience with WordPress and so wanted to create a blog without a defined theme that would allow me to vent and express myself and share my ideas, recipes and thoughts with the world. I am my happiest when I am writing, blogging or thinking about seeing my name on a book on bookshelf in a trendy bookshop, being eagerly thumbed through by some trendy type and the silent satisfaction I will get.

For now all I can do is share my thoughts and life with you all and hope that you read something that you feel you can relate to or feel inspired by.

Till next entry,



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