On capturing fleeting moments

I love taking photographs. I am by no means a professional, nor can I afford professional equipment and own no more than a mobile phone and a digital camera. But a bad workman blames his tools, right?

I do not think that you necessarily need to spend a lot of money on expensive camera equipment to take a ‘good’ photograph because I believe the beauty of the photograph is quite subjective.DSC01936

In my previous blog http://www.just-in-case-trouble.blogspot.com, all of the photographs which I used in my blog to document my travels and interesting things which caught my eye (with an emphasis on street art), I used no more than my Sony Experia or Sony cybershot digital camera. I wanted to ensure that the majority of photographs which I used were taken by me and made clear that I did not use any sophisticated methods or equipment.

What I have recently realised from reading a post on Shane Francescut’s street photography blog http://www.theweeklyminute.wordpress.com regarding street photography, is how much my ‘photography’ (If I dare to call the amateurish pictures I take with my phone camera thus) revolves around street art and photographs of the surrounding urban areas.

Since the ‘Humans of New York’ movement exploded all over social media, I have found myself moved by the stories of the people in the pictures as well as the simplistic beauty of the photos themselves. I love reading the comments that accompany the photographs as they are posted on Facebook, especially as people debate the issues raised by the people, what they might be thinking and how they can relate to them.

Prior to this, I think that I was obsessed with the photography of Scott Schuman, ‘The Sartorialist’ (www.thesartorialist.com) and the beautifully simple photographs of people and their outfits on the streets, going about their daily lives.

It seems that we are intrigued by the lives of others and these street photographers capture moments which are no less than ordinary, but which piques the interest of the voyeurs in all of us.

Today, reading Shane’s blog has made me consider the number of photographs in my collection which I perhaps have overlooked because I was so focussed on the street art and graffiti based scene. I am hoping to share some of these with you once I have assembled my best.

What are your favourite types of photographs? Nature and Landscapes? Portraits? Street art and the Urban Landscape?



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