Modern Inspiration: Shameless Maya

I have always thought about how hard it is for children in today’s weird and wonderful world to have someone, other than their parents, to look up to. A public figure to inspire great things and ambition and making the best of yourself.

Taken by yours truly in Rome 2012

Rome 2012

I love YouTube, especially the beauty videos for ideas on makeup and hair and all the other feminine things that women tend to indulge themselves in. However, I find myself often frustrated at the vacuous nature of some of the young girls who are breeding a generation of empty headed , attention seeking, fame hungry individuals. I enjoy reading the comments accompanying the videos about the latest nail polish colour that a young impressionable audience just has to buy or they are not trendy or beautiful enough. The latest impossibly tight skinny jeans that girls must aspire to be able to wear, lest they be seen as mumsy and none of the boys will want to lust after them.

The comments often make me feel sad. Some of these girls are just looking for something to aspire to and they spend all of this money and time applying thick layers of makeup and clothes and staring at themselves in the mirror in an attempt to validate their existence.

Now, I am not saying that I am not interested in those things; I wouldn’t watch those videos if I wasn’t. However, there are few who stand out. Then there was Maya.

‘Shameless Maya’, Maya Washington is a New York based artist, photographer, voice artist, ‘Jack of all trades’ who set herself the challenge of self promotion in a year via any means necessary and particularly through ‘Shameless’ means. I know some might argue that this method of self promotion is a little ‘in your face’ but I am a big fan.

Her videos are on a range of topics, from beauty to health and fitness to photography to how to make the best of yourself in life. I find them so uplifting, funny and inspirational and often find myself re-watching videos to make myself laugh at her sometimes outrageous antics.

I think the thing that resonates the most with me about Maya is that she is living proof how you can turn adversity into something special with a little self belief, ambition and zest for life.

Her catchphrase ‘Do You Boo’, whilst humorous, conveys a very important message and is the epitome of what she is all about. Do your own thing. Be unique. Write your own story.

Take a look for yourself:

Who or what is your current inspiration?


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